With one notable exception, we’ll be using the same rules as for the Guinness World Record attempts at the Challenge:

1. All of the stations served by London Underground trains must be visited.

To `visit’ a station, the challenger must arrive and/or depart by an underground train in normal public service, but where a service is shared by underground and British Rail trains travelling over the same tracks it is permissible to use the National Rail trains.

It is necessary for a through train to stop at the station for the visit to count, although the challenger does not need to get out. Certain stations are normally only open at certain times of the day, and this must be taken into account in planning.

Attempts can only be made during the week as certain stations are shut at weekends. Only if a station is temporarily closed (e.g. for rebuilding, or in an emergency), or if it closes earlier or opens later than normal as a result of rebuilding work, will a non-stop pass through a station be acceptable.

2. Stations which are geographically separate and not linked but which have the same name must each be visited. This applies to Shepherds Bush and Edgware Road.

3. It is only necessary to visit all the stations on the network, not to travel every stretch of line. Thus, if a station is served by more than one line it is not necessary to visit that station on each line.

4. Challengers may travel the same stretch of track (and visit the same station) more than once if necessary.

5. Attempts on this record must be continuous (i.e. any breaks or stops that are taken must be included in the final time).

6. Transfers between underground lines must be made by scheduled public transport or on foot. The use of private motor vehicles, taxis or any other form of privately arranged transport (bicycles, skateboards etc) is not allowed.

7. The clock must start the moment the doors close on the first train taken by the challengers. It must stop the moment the challengers set foot on the platform at the last station.

Note: The weekend section of Rule 1 doesn’t apply as all stations are open the day of our challenge. Also, we may exempt ourselves from Rule 6 if completion of the challenge is otherwise looking to be impossible, due to the limitations of attempting this on a Sunday. Realistically this will only come into play for connecting between the branches at the northern end of the Metropolitan line if we are unable to make late-night bus connections.